Sunday, February 24, 2008

From the Transitional Home Director

Today we received some neat comments from the director of the transitional home that describe each of the kids. We thought we'd share them with you, so you too can get to know them a little as we are.

"Behmnet is described as strong-willed, independent, and spirited…to say the least! She is always ready to get into something, and always wants her way! She is always on the go; playful, active, and fun. She is also sweet, and if you make her sit still long enough, she realizes that it feels great to be held. She is VERY attached to her brothers, especially Yoftahe, who is very much her “mother.” They sleep in the same bed together every night."

"Sammye has a wide-eyed, innocent look on his face all the time, which is precious! He is said to be very smart…his birthmother reported that he was the best at academics. The nannies and others that have come into the transition home to give lessons to the children have also reported him to be very smart. He is playful, fun, and all smiles. He only gets upset if something is taken from him, or one of his siblings hits him."

"Yoftahe is ALL BOY! He is very active…always running, jumping, and doing karate moves. Yoftahe, the oldest child at the home, shows great leadership skills. He is responsible, and assumes the role of the caretaker for his younger siblings. He loves to practice his English, proud to say new words he has learned!"

(front row - Yoftahe, Behmnet and Samuel from left to right)


Susan said...

What a blessing to get an update on your new babies!! I must be wonderful to get a peek at who they are!

~Susan (AWAA Family, Trisha's husband's cousin's wife!)

Jill Coen said...

What a gift! You are so very close, and how wonderful to get some insight into their personalities. Thanks for sharing them!!
jill :)

E said...

They all sounds so precious! Looking forward to meeting you!!! 5 days!!!


Tracy M said...


We are praying for all of you. We are so excited for what God has in store. I just thought of something which might be of interest to you I was instructed to do for Cameron, years ago, as part of his language building. I was told to take pictures of all his family members friends, special toys, anything very personal to him. Then, below each picture I wrote a simple label. I put these in a spiral notebook. We would look at his book and learn the names of all which was important to his world. This might be a great language building bridge and a fun project. I only mention it now, so you can think of any pictures there, you want to be sure and snap before you leave.

We will continue to pray for your safe return. The Wegners are so special to us. Happy Birthday to all three of you this week (Phil, Delisa and Sam!)

Love the Morris Family
John, Tracy, Madison, Cameron and Chandler