Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sammy's 7th Birthday

Sammy celebrated his 7th birthday on Monday, the 28th. We celebrated by going to the circus on Sunday and then going to the Addis Ababa Restaurant downtown. We had a great time eating injera and ZilZil Tibs. Monday, the actual birthday, we got to go swimming at the Fun Pool with our friend David Fedder. Later we ate a checkerboard cake that Sammy picked out for mommy to make. I can't wait to see what he picks out for next year. Sammy, we love you!! Happy 7th Birthday!!



Happy Birthday Sammy!!!
I had to laugh when I heard that Sammy had Tibs for his B-day dinner!! I thought he ate enough while we were in Ethiopia to last a lifetime!!! LOL!! I guess you can never get enough Tibs, huh? I kind of miss eating them for breakfast myself!
Glad you have a place to get them for him!
Hope you are all doing well!


Cassie said...

What are tibs? I am always up for trying new food! That cake looks like a lot of fun. Was it hard to make?

Ali said...

Happy Birthday! That is a beautiful cake, was it the pampered chef mold? I always wondered if that worked. Glad you are all doing so well!!

leslie said...


We just came home from Ethiopia with our son Yeabsera. During our visit in Debre Birhan we met someone who really like to have contact with your family.
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Caroline and Leslie
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